About Scott

For the past twenty seven years, Mr. Margraves dissected the minutiae of data on hundreds of businesses to develop limits, trends, and modifiers for property and casualty insurance portfolios; then effectively communicated available options for educated decisions that often times broadened coverage and reduced costs.  Margraves is not an attorney, but works closely with risk managers and general counsel to mirror and update the Insurance Requirements, Waivers, Hold Harmless and Indemnity agreements of any lease or contract between owners, tenants, vendors, and subcontractors from an insurance perspective. 

Margraves’ customer portfolio includes contractors, churches, schools, distributors, oil & gas risks, recyclers, property owners, marinas, non-profits, manufacturers and attorneys.  Scott is an expert in working with clients for finding the best solution at the ideal price points for their insurance needs and contract integration for insurance purposes. 

Margraves is Past President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston.  The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH) is a local non-profit trade association of Houston area independent insurance agencies and affiliate companies.  Chartered by the State of Texas in 1924, IIAH is recognized as the largest local independent insurance agents association in the United States, representing more than 245 member agencies and affiliate companies that include over 6,000 individual members. 

A native Houstonian, Scott graduated from Texas A&M University with Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics- all the while clerking at a law firm specializing in contract and commercial law. This abstract theory based degree instilled a “think outside the box mentality”, and to always account for that additional variable in every equation.  After college, he worked as a Legislative Assistant to several Congressmen in Washington, D.C.  This level of experience has proved invaluable throughout his career – Scott has leveraged his work in the legal and political arenas to better adapt himself to addressing the risk management solutions for his clients through conversation, asking the right questions, and most importantly listening for the real need.  

Scott Margraves: Gulf Coast Risk Management