Risk Manager – Year Round Expertise on Staff

Your turn key solution for shopping your insurance.  GCRM is point of contact everything insurance related.  You send all interested parties to your insurance advisor who does all the work on your behalf.  Eliminate the grind of the renewal process.  Eliminate the inherent conflict of interest with the independent voice.

  • Establish Criteria
    • GCRM rolls up the sleeves and identifies your exposures to loss and takes the guesswork away.   We develop proper limits and deductibles based on your risk tolerance.  All qualified bidders recieve bid packet with same information for consistency and savings.
  • Controlled Process
    • No more drain on staff with insurance questions.  GCRM completes all supplemental applications and fields broker questions so you can focus on your business.
  • Select Best Choice
    • Analyze all bids for best coverage terms and pricing so you make an informed decision.
  • Negotiate Rates
    • GCRM knowledge and experience will guarantee you obtain the best coverage, best pricing, and best carrier for your money.  All savings go right to your bottom line.
  • Verify Policies
    • GCRM is not done.  Once the new policies are received, GCRM verifies you got what you paid for. We check policies for limits, endorsements, mistakes and typos.