Scott Margraves

Home Owners Association

Board of Directors renewed year after year because that the way they have always done it.  No one had ever pointed out they were well over insured.  Established replacement cost valuations for structures, eliminated obscure coverages, and added Cyber.  19% savings in insurance premium over previous year.


Two buildings not on the property schedule.  No bailees coverage.  Workers compensation policy missing admiralty endorsements.  By not having to sue their agent, the marina saves $25-50K in upfront legal fees and the two years spent fact finding, depositions, meditation, and court appearances.

Machine Shop

After the latest oil downturn, a well established custom jobshop found another niche.  Their old classification did not mirror current operations.  Once proper codes were in place, they added Cyber, continutity planning, and still achieved 45% reduction in insurance premiums.